North Spring Street Viaduct Widening And Rehabilitation (Archived)

In cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the City proposes to improve the North Spring Street Viaduct (Bridge Number 53C-0859) and a portion of North Spring Street between Baker Street to the southwest and Avenue 18 to the northeast, 在唐人街和林肯高地社区. The proposed project would eliminate existing and geometrical design deficiencies and correct existing seismic vulnerability issues associated with the Viaduct. 除了, the proposed project would widen the existing 50-foot Viaduct by approximately 20 feet on each side, reconfigure the existing intersection of Baker Street and North Spring Street, extend Wilhardt Street to the northwest to create a new connection with Baker Street, and create a cul-de-sac by closing Aurora Street and its existing intersection with North Spring Street. Pursuant to the CEQA and the National Environmental Policy Act, the City and Caltrans have studied the effects that the proposed project may have on the environment and community. The results of these studies are contained in the environmental impact report/environmental assessment (EIR/EA).

最终的EIR/EA发表于2010年5月. 6月2日, 2010, the 公共工程委员会 recommended certification of the EIR and approval of the project. The Transportation Committee of the City Council then instructed the 沙巴体育安卓版下截2.0 to further address concerns regarding impacts to the historic viaduct. 作为一个结果, a design option has been developed that limit the widening to only the south side of the bridge, 由23英尺. The median would be 4 feet and sidewalks would be 5 feet.

修改后的 最终的EIR/EA现在可以在下面的链接中获得.

The 修改后的 final EIR/EA was certified and the project was approved by the City Council on June 14, 2011. 委员会的档案可在 10 - 0959委员会文件.

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