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What is a floodplain?

泛滥平原是指任何可能被来自任何源头(洪水)的洪水淹没的土地区域, dam/reservoir inundation, coastal storm surge, 海啸, 等.).

What is floodplain management?

漫滩管理是一个决策过程,旨在实现减少生命损失, 中断, and damage caused by floods; and the preservation and restoration of the natural resources and functions of floodplains.

What is the Floodplain Management Plan?

洪泛平原管理计划(FMP)是一种面向未来的洪水风险地区规划方法. 这是一种灾前规划方法,是城市参与国家洪水保险计划的一部分, Community Rating System (NFIP/CRS).

Why is the City developing the FMP?

FMP的准备工作反映了金融城对确定洪水风险地区和评估问题程度的承诺, should a flooding disaster take place. Following this assessment, the FMP outlines activities (goals, 目标, 政策和实施方案),将提交市长和市议会采纳. Once adopted, 该FMP将被实施,以主动减轻城市内与洪水相关的破坏的影响.

How is the public involved in this process?

公众是规划过程中不可分割的一部分. The FMP was prepared under the guidance of a Steering Committee consisting of 23 members, 与大约一半的政府和一半的非政府利益攸关方.

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